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Regenerative Agriculture

Cottonwood Springs Ranch is a family ranch located west of Weatherford, OK. We sell cattle, goats, sheep, ABCA Border Collies, Anatolian Shepherd livestock guardian dogs, and now, Idaho Pasture Pigs. Chip and his family moved out to the land in 2013, and have been slowly transforming it since. The goal of Cottonwood Springs Ranch is raising quality animals in a manner that benefits the animals, the people, and the land. We started off by reclaiming croplands from the cottonwoods and opening up the natural springs. After starting out tilling the fields, running all cattle and growing wheat. Since then, many principles from Gabe Brown's Dirt to Soil have been implemented on the ranch. The fields have been transformed by using no-till drilling and cover crops. Extensive water lines and high tensil fencing allows for frequent rotational grazing. This keeps our animals in good health, reducing the need for routine antibiotics and other treatments, as well as benefiting the pastures. The cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs are always on the move. Our Border Collies help get them where they need to be, and the Anatolians keep them safe.

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Pastured Pork

New at Cottonwood Springs Ranch! We are now selling pastured pork direct to consumer.

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