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Gathering the Data

Every kid is weighed at birth and then at 90 days and all data is put into the OSU kidding spreadsheet. This data is then used to help make decisions on does and bucklings.

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Rotating Pastures

Every two weeks the goats are moved to new pasture and are not rotated back for at least 6 weeks. I have not needed to worm a goat on my ranch for over 2 years. I believe with the right management practices the goats should be able to handle a slight worm load and still have adequate growth rates.

Goats HT Fence.jpg


I run HT wire that keeps the goats in. They stay in because they do not need to get out to get to good pasture. I rarely have goats get out because the grass is not greener across the fence.

Goat New Pasture.jpg

Pasture Raised

I am running a commercial goat ranch. I expect the does to have the kids in the pasture, get them up nursing quickly and in 90 days deliver two kids that match her weight. The kids do not have access to a barn. The does kid in late march to early April so the temperatures are not extreme at that time of year.

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